The Cam Kashani Show

From Tech & Startups to Healing & the Divine Masculine

January 14, 2022 Cam Kashani
The Cam Kashani Show
From Tech & Startups to Healing & the Divine Masculine
Show Notes

Ravi and I met eons ago when we were both immersed in the world of tech and startup companies. Now, both Ravi and I have discovered different (but converging) paths. Ravi’s path has brought him to Thailand, where he has studied his spirituality and the Divine Masculine. My path has also led me to explore my spirituality, with a strong focus on the Divine Feminine and the power of the Self. 

So, where did Ravi’s journey begin? It started with rock bottom. Or what felt like rock bottom. In February 2019, Ravi lost a job at a tech startup that had become a key part of his identity. Not only did Ravi lose his job, but he also lost the community he had worked so hard to become part of. Just weeks after losing his job, the COVID-19 pandemic began in earnest, sending the rest of the world into turmoil. 

Everything led up to the question: What does Ravi want? What exists at the core of Ravi’s Being? 

As Ravi puts it: it was a process of following breadcrumbs that led him to alignment. It has been about constant restructuring and realigning in pursuit of a more authentic version of Self. The breadcrumbs led Ravi to India, to yoga teacher training, and the Osho Ashram where he began to shed his layers of grief, sadness, and anger. After a year in India, the breadcrumbs led Ravi to Thailand, where he resides today. 

Through bodywork, breathwork, and connecting with the right spiritual teachers and guides at the right time, Ravi finally pulled back the curtain to reveal his Divine Self, free from the labels he had lived with his whole life. Rather than putting economic, social, or educational success first, Ravi was putting himSelf first, and accessing the thing that had been missing all along. 

In his exploration of Divine Energies, Ravi has discovered the need for balance. Balance brings about abundance, and imbalance brings about dissatisfaction. Everyone has both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within them, but when one is suppressed or ignored, the other becomes overbearing and throws the Self out of balance. When the Self is balanced, then and only then can you achieve your highest vibration. 

For Ravi, Divine Masculinity feels like strength, presence, and safety. In the safety of the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine - in all its creativity, emotion, and ferocity - can thrive and flourish. 

In the final episode of Season 2 of The Cam Kashani Show, Ravi and I discuss delving inside and healing ourselves. Introspection can cause tremendous growth, and in a world where chaos and imbalance are the norm, taking a moment to check in with your Self and your thoughts is more important than ever before. 

See you all in a few weeks with Season 3. 

All my love,
Cam Kashani
Intuitive Coach
Divine Feminine Embodiment