The Cam Kashani Show

My Peruvian Plant Medicine Journey

October 30, 2021 Cam Kashani Season 2 Episode 9
The Cam Kashani Show
My Peruvian Plant Medicine Journey
Show Notes

As you know, I recently took a trip to Peru to embark on a Sacred voyage thanks to plant medicine. 

I have worked with plant medicine for about two years now, and it has been an immensely powerful part of my healing journey. 

Plant medicine has helped me remember the sexual abuse my mind had hidden away and helped me to heal from that trauma as well. Plant medicine has helped me clear out limiting beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve me while expanding my consciousness. Of course, you could achieve this without plant medicine, but plant medicine serves as a teacher, an accelerator, a guide towards healing and truth. 

Over the last two years, I have been using plant medicine here and there, always with intention and with people I trust, that respect the Sacredness of plant medicine in the way I do. Now on my trip to Peru, I tried something new: Ayahuasca - the Grandmother - and San Pedro - the Grandfather. 

Before I left for Peru, I recorded an episode called “Surrendering to the Unknown”. Strangely enough, as I walked away from my profound plant medicine experience, I felt the greatest sense of surrender throughout my entire body. I felt fully open and surrendered to the present moment, the Universe, and in return, the Universe told me that I was loved, and made me feel safe and protected.

What Ayahuasca and San Pedro gave me is the ability to release the need for control, and bask instead in the glory of the present moment, trusting that the Universe is there to guide me. 

I went into this journey wanting to let go of whatever blocks may still have existed in my heart from past pain. As I took these plant medicines, I began to be able to engage with the pain and learn from it, and I came upon a profound awareness: There is no pain when you are just Love. And that even the pain is God.

When you vibrate on a loving frequency, when you embody, see, and know love, you feel no pain, you feel only love. When you are open to understanding yourself, the pain empowers and emboldens you. 

When we ignore, push down, and look away from the pain, it only builds. When you begin to engage with it, you can start to purge that pain and find the deeper lesson. 

For me, plant medicine has made a tremendous difference in my healing. The magnitude of my experiences can never truly be put into words, but I feel liberated and freer than I have in years thanks to this healing journey. 

Whether or not you feel called to explore plant medicine doesn't matter, but be sure to give yourself another avenue to explore your pain, whether that be therapy, meditation, or whatever helps you feel most at peace with yourself and the Universe.

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