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How to Navigate & Grow in Hard Times

October 01, 2021 Cam Kashani Season 2 Episode 7
The Cam Kashani Show
How to Navigate & Grow in Hard Times
Show Notes

We are living in a very interesting and defining time in history. There’s massive division, separation, and darkness in the world right now, which is most likely going to get worse before it gets better, and it is very easy to get sucked into the stress and worry of it all, despite the fact that much of it is beyond our control.

So, how do we navigate through this unprecedented time without allowing it to throw us for a loop? How do we stay centered, grounded, and committed to our authentic selves? What can we do to help ourselves, and of course, others?


If there’s ever a time to heal, it’s now. If there’s ever a time to go within and explore your triggers, this is it. If there’s ever a time where your inner work will not only help you, but will help propel humanity forward, this is that time. 

The world’s traumas are being exacerbated by fear and separation, and now is the time to tune in and protect your energy.

All of the world’s darkest shadows are coming out right now. The shadows we have been trained to drown out, the secrets we have been told not to look at, the heavy stuff we’ve been conditioned to push away, it’s all coming to the surface. Add the impact of the shadows to our already stressful lives, and that trauma is amplified. 

This is why we see so much division. So much agitation. So much pain. Our traumas are being activated, and it’s pushing us apart. 

It’s important to remember that much of what’s happening is beyond our control, so surrender is an essential component, but it’s also important to protect yourSelf and your energy to ensure you remain grounded and whole through the chaos, while healing the trauma triggers. 

Here are a few strategies you can use to begin to heal, protect and connect with your true Self:

  1. Create a daily ritual or spiritual practice to center yourself (yoga, prayer, meditation...)

  2. Move every day (go for a hike, take a walk, dance...)

  3. Build/find/join a community (talk to friends, join an online club, have dinner with family…)

  4. Try to eat as clean as you can (get rid of the foods that don’t make you feel good after you eat them...)

  5. Do your inner work and peel back layers of your trauma to empower and heal yourSelf

And finally... turn off the news. That shit is toxic, it’s fear-inducing, and it lowers your vibration. What are you actually gaining by watching it every day? Curb the addiction to fear, and work on what you can control -- you. 

This is the time to HEAL. You deserve to live a life that is healed and empowered. You deserve to live as your true Self.

Sending you all love.

Cam Kashani

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