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How To Fall In Love With YourSelf

September 17, 2021 Cam Kashani Season 2 Episode 4
The Cam Kashani Show
How To Fall In Love With YourSelf
Show Notes

If there is anyone in this life that is absolutely worth loving unconditionally, it is you. 

When you go through life without a sense of true Self-love, you miss out on a lot. You miss out on opportunities to fully know and understand yourSelf.

You are deserving of knowing and loving yourSelf in full. You are worthy. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, every part of you is worth loving. Any other idea is a lie. 

Conditional love is the programming we all have, but true love is unconditional. 

So, how do you tap into Self-love? How do you begin the process of falling in love with yourSelf?

First, you must understand that all of the reasons you have for not loving yourSelf are lies. They are programmed, taught, and conditioned lies fed to you by a society that does not want you to love yourSelf. Any excuse you find to withhold Self-love is a lie, and you need to start by unlearning those lies and discovering the beautiful truth. 

Next, you need to take a look at the underlying reasons you have not begun to grant yourSelf Self-love. Most of the time, the reason is trauma. The reason we stay in addiction is usually trauma. The reason we avoid eating healthy foods is usually trauma. The reason we don’t take care of ourselves is, you got it, trauma. Unfortunately, that trauma is often hidden, or so deeply buried that we can’t look at it. 

It took me until last year to remember a severe trauma that I had repressed and had suffered as a young child. It took years of intensive inner work to uncover the pain I had been hiding from mySelf that had inevitably prevented me from loving my entire true Self. Once it came forward though, everything shifted.

True, authentic Self love starts with yourSelf and the Universe. You must access your innermost Self, your inner child, your inner soul to be able to fully heal and begin loving yourSelf for who you truly are. 

So ask yourSelf: Where am I not honoring mySelf right now? 

What do you need to do, what do you need to acknowledge, how do you need to be open with yourSelf to begin the process of falling in love with the most important person there is... you?

Sending you all love,
Cam Kashani
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