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Listening To Your Body’s Hidden Messages

September 03, 2021 Cam Kashani Season 2 Episode 2
The Cam Kashani Show
Listening To Your Body’s Hidden Messages
Show Notes

We all have weird days, right? We all have days where we feel off, or not fully connected to our true selves, or disconnected from our bodies. Maybe you have anxiety or are struggling with feelings of hopelessness. Maybe you’re just feeling general blah. 

I’ve been feeling that recently. I’ve been blah. 

Usually, I’m a pretty positive and happy person, but I've been feeling blah and feel disconnected from my true self. 

While it’s uncomfortable to sit with ‘the blah,’ I always try to remember that ‘the blah’ is here for a reason. Maybe I need to learn something or get insight into something I’m not paying attention to. The body is an amazing thing and can tell you exactly what you need, just so long as you are able and willing to listen. 

Unfortunately, our society trains us to ignore our bodies and to simply patch ourselves up and keep going without investigating the root cause. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with short-term relief from an Advil or a bandaid, but that doesn’t solve the issue. In addition to that short-term solution, you need to listen to your body to find out what’s really wrong and receive the message your body is sending to you. 

There’s a message in the blah, and there’s a message in the pain. Your body is trying to communicate. But the question is: are you allowing that kind of communication?

Rather than calming or quieting the pain, do you give it time to speak? Have you listened closely to find out if it has something to tell you? Could there be a hidden message under the blah?

When I sat with my own ‘blah,’ I asked, “what is your purpose, and why are you here?” I allowed myself to be uncomfortable, and to sit with myself and the feeling of my body without dismissing my pain. 

Pushing away or numbing the pain doesn’t work. You might feel better for a little while, but the pain will come back stronger and with a more urgent message. 

When you give space for your pain to exist and for your body to communicate, you can unlock secrets and profound truths. You do not need to lead a life of pain. You can heal yourself and live in harmony with your body. 

The process starts with awareness and allowing. You have to feel to heal, so give yourself the space to begin communicating with your body. 

Sending you all love,
Cam Kashani
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