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Divorce & Breaking Up: A Path to Empowerment

May 13, 2021 Cam Kashani Season 1 Episode 8
The Cam Kashani Show
Divorce & Breaking Up: A Path to Empowerment
Show Notes

We all have our shadows, our darker parts that we’re told not to look at. We’re taught to reject darkness, but on the path to healing, we need to accept and love our shadows. We need to embrace our darkness. 

On that note, today we’re talking about divorce and breakups. I myself am very happily divorced. But I definitely wasn’t happy when it happened-- it nearly killed me, no joke. Abandonment, hurt, betrayal and rejection—divorce can be brutal. Not to mention, my divorce took two years.

During that time I was super depressed. I didn't want to feel and I used substances to escape, Many dissociate in various ways, from drugs, to alcohol to overworking or even sex.

We’re not taught how to heal trauma, only to avoid it.

But avoiding the pain is allowing it to control you.

So one day, I decided I didn’t want that story to define me anymore —I wanted to define it.

As painful as various events in our lives are, they are all happening for us. The spiritual context of the human experience brings a sense of peace and clarity. All these things happen for a reason: your soul calls them in to learn and evolve. 

My divorce turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me, because it made me who I am now. I used to be a scared little girl, but now, I’m a loud and proud woman that takes up space and embraces my power. I no longer outsource power, I am my power.

And you. You are powerful. You are a badass. You are the creator of your life, and you are the one who gets to decide whether to be a victim or to be empowered. You always have a choice to call your power back and become everything you are capable of being. 

Do you want it?

And if so, how to heal?

It begins with Intention. Intentions are so powerful. Declare to yourself and to the Universe what you want.

From there, take small steps, and give yourself time -- honor where you are and where you’re going.

Ask for help. Get out of your head and your ego and either start reading books, sign up for seminars or hire a trauma-informed coach or therapist who has put in the work (someone that truly knows what they are doing). That’s what I did -- hiring a coach (shoutout to Greg!) was the best decision I made and led to me becoming one myself.

Lastly, acceptance. Accept the reality and trust you will heal. And as incredibly painful as it can be, you have to feel to heal. Don’t drown out your emotions or numb yourself. A feeling fully felt lasts only 90 seconds. (mind blown right?)

With all this in mind, I leave you with this thought: 

Who am I capable of becoming when I am fully in my power and nothing else has a hold on me?

Sending you all love.

Divine Feminine Leadership Coach, Inspirational Speaker