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Why Healing Trauma Is Essential to Becoming Your Best Self

March 03, 2022 Cam Kashani
The Cam Kashani Show
Why Healing Trauma Is Essential to Becoming Your Best Self
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 3 of the Cam Kashani Show! Season 3 is going to be focused on women and our power and discovering the paths we take and the tools we use to become truly ourSelves. 

In this episode, I am thrilled to be joined by the powerhouse team of Rachelle and Saskia from Not Your Average Psychic. They are Psychologists and Psychics -- not your average combo. ;) And having personally worked with them, I can absolutely vouch for them. 

So, how did these powerful women come into their gifts and discovered their purpose in life? And how did they move past the judgments of society to really be in their power and own their gifts?

Both psychologists, Rachelle and Saskia met nearly a decade ago when Rachelle sought out Saskia to help her handle the intense fear she regularly experienced. A person with psychic inclination since she was a small child, Rachelle struggled with the messages she received and tried to push her spiritual connection away, resulting in major emotional discomfort. 

With the help of Saskia, Rachelle began accepting her psychic gifts and even helped Saskia to begin to explore her own connection with the Universe. Together, they began a journey of self-acceptance and began honing their ability to channel energy. A few short years later, the chance to begin offering their services to other people appeared, and they began working to help others seeking answers to their life questions. 

For both Rachelle and Saskia, the key to their success was leaning into and embracing their full selves. You can’t stop being a psychic, no matter how hard or long you try. 

We are all born to overcome our hurdles. Trauma, pain, fear, are all catalysts for growth and self-discovery. 

In this in-depth interview with Rachelle and Saskia, we delve deep into what it takes to build a connection with your own Soul, and how healing from trauma can help turn us into our most authentic selves, and how to eliminate distractions that keep you apart from your Self. 

To begin your own journey with the help of Rachelle and Saskia, be sure to visit their website